Sunday, September 25, 2011

RQMA Conducts Refresher Course on Proper Use of Laboratory Oven

A refresher course, Proper Use of the Laboratory Oven: Baking 101, was held on 22 September 2011 in IRRI.

The course aimed to enhance awareness of oven users in the laboratory with the risks related to improper use, such as oven fire, loss of samples, and quality and integrity of data.

Sixty-three participants attended from IRRI's various divisions.

Resource speakers were Menchu Bernardo, Risk Management and Quality Assurance (RMQA) senior manager (risks related to improper use of oven); Lithium Li, from YANA Chemodities, Inc. (technical aspects of the laboratory oven); Evangeline Ella (preventive maintenance); Rolly Torres (roles and responsibilities of oven users); and Glenn Enriquez, senior manager for Security and Safety Services (responding to oven fire).

A hands-on exercise on the proper use of the laboratory oven was facilitated by Ofie Namuco.

The course was organized by the RMQA team of IRRI's Crop and Environmental Sciences Division.