Monday, September 17, 2012

RMQA Holds Mass Metrology and Calibration

A training-workshop, Technical requirements for calibration and measurement traceability of weighing instruments and meter sticks, was held at IRRI on 12 September 2012 to enhance accuracy and traceability of data collected using the weighing balance and the meter stick.

The workshop was held in two parts: a lecture on technical calibration requirements and traceability, and a hands-on session on calibration of electronic weighing balances and meter sticks. It was attended by 55 staff from IRRI's various laboratories.

Proper calibration of weighing instruments will ensure that measurement data are accurate and traceable to international weight standards. Previous calibration workshops were held in December 2010 and July 2011.

Resource for the workshop was Roxan de Luna Roxas, quality and technical manager of Metrologie Concepts Solutions, Inc. in the Philippines.

The workshop was organized by IRRI's Risk Management Quality Assurance unit.